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Work Details

Work Information

Work ID: 74

Title: Community sanitary complex

Status: Completed
Started: 01/Oct/2020
Completed: 01/Oct/2020

Swachh Bhrat

Scheme Information

Department: BDO Kaprin

Scheme: Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin

Panchayat: KAPRAN
Village: Kapren

Fund Information

Estimated Cost (Rs): 200000.00/-
Start: 12/Jun/2020
Completion: 21/Jul/2020

Funds Available (Rs): 200000.00/-
Revised Cost (Rs): 200000.00/-

Previously Released (Rs): 0.00/-
New Releases (Rs): 0.00/-
Total Released (Rs): 0.00/-

Work History
# Date Detail Status
1 01/10/2020 New Work Created New Work
2 01/10/2020 Completed Started
3 01/10/2020 Completed Completed
Fund Releases
# Order No / Date Detail Amount
Media Attachments


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