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# Village Name Village Description Gram Panchayat
1 Abal Wanah Abal Wanah CHOTIGAM
2 Adijan Adwan Adijan Adwan KANJI ULLAR
3 Adora Ram Pathri Adora Ram Pathri NAZNEENPORA
4 Adva Adva DOOMPORA
5 Aglar Aglar PAHNOO
6 Aglar Charat Aglar Charat AGLAR
7 ahagam ahagam SHEIKHPORA
8 Alamganj Alamganj HERMAN
9 ali shah pora ali shah pora DACHOO
10 Aloorah Aloorah D K PORA
11 amert bogh amer bogh NARWANI
12 Amshipora Amshipora AMSHIPORA
13 ari pora ari pora MALDERA
14 Awind Awind BEMNIPORA
15 Awnera Awnera AWNEERA
16 Baba Pora Baba Pora BABAPORA
17 badi marg badi marg NARWANI
18 Badigam Badigam kanigam
19 Bagh i Hari Pora Bagh i Hari Pora sugoo
20 Balah Pora Balah Pora BALAPORA
21 bandah paho bandah paho DACHOO
22 Barah Bugh Barah Bugh BARBUGH
23 Baskuchan Baskuchan BASKUCHAN
24 Bata Pora Niladang Bata Pora Niladang MANTRIBUHG
25 Batmuran Wanpora Batmuran Wanpora BATMURAN
26 Bemini pora Bemini pora BEMNIPORA
27 Berthipora (partly) Berthipora (partly) BERTHIPORA
28 Berthipora (partly) Berthipora (partly) BERTHIPORA-B
29 Brari Pora Brari Pora MANTRIBUHG
30 Brari Pora Pala Pora Brari Pora Pala Pora MANTRIBUHG
31 Chaki Diyaro Chaki Diyaro DAIROO
32 Chaki Hakim Baqar Chaki Hakim Baqar NAZNEENPORA
33 Chaki Shamshi pora Chaki Shamshi pora SHAMSIPORA
34 chak-i-aziz shah chak-i-aziz shah SHEIKHPORA
36 Chakorah Chakorah CHAKOORA
37 Chal Gund Chal Gund DOOMPORA
38 Chanchawar Chanchawar BASKUCHAN
39 Chater Wash Chater Wash URPARA-B
40 Chatripora Chatripora NOWGAM
41 Chawan Chawan CHOWAN
42 chedran chedran CHILDREN
43 Cheermarg Cheermarg CHEERMARG
44 Chek Niltrichal Chek Niltrichal KEEGAM
45 Cheki Choland Cheki Choland CHECK CHULLAND
46 Cheki Sidiq khan Cheki Sidiq khan CHECK SIDIQ KHAN
47 chidvi pora chidvi pora CHITRAGAM-B
48 chilli pora chilli pora HEFF
49 chitra gam (partly) chitra gam (partly) CHITRAGAM-A
50 chitra gam (partly) chitra gam (partly) CHITRAGAM-B
51 Choti Pora Choti Pora CHOTIPORA
53 Chotipora Imamsahib Chotipora Imamsahib HANDEW
54 Chowdari Gund Chowdari Gund VEHIL
55 Dagah Pora Dagah Pora BASKUCHAN
56 Dangam Dangam DANGAM
57 Danger Pora Danger Pora DANGERPORA
58 Daram Diaroo Daram Diaroo DAIROO
59 Darbagh Darbagh AGLAR
60 Dashi Pora Dashi Pora BEMNIPORA-B
61 dasoo dasoo DACHOO
62 Day Gam Day Gam ZAWOORA-A
63 Dev Pora (Forest Block) Dev Pora (Forest Block) DEVPORA
64 Diyaroo Diyaroo DAIROO
65 Dobi Pora Dobi Pora kanigam
66 Doma wani Doma wani SHIRMAL
67 Dompora Dompora DOOMPORA
68 drager drager SUGAN
69 drawni drawni DACHOO
70 Dreri Kali Pora Dreri Kali Pora D K PORA
71 Durah Pora Durah Pora BABAPORA
72 Feri Pora Feri Pora PUDSOO
73 Gada Pora Gada Pora KACHDOORA-A
74 Gadhi Pora Gadhi Pora KANJI ULLAR
75 Gahend Gahend HERMAN
76 Gano Pora Arash Gano Pora Arash G P ARSH
77 Ganow Pora Ganow Pora WATHOO
78 Gati Pora Gati Pora GATIPORA
79 Gund i Hado Gund i Hado GUNGHADOO
80 Gund i Woyan Gund i Woyan sangran
81 gund-i-darvesh gund-i-darvesh NARWANI
82 Haider Gund Haider Gund SIFIPORA
83 Hajipora Hajipora CHAKOORA
84 Halow Pora Halow Pora DANGAM
85 Hanji Pora Hanji Pora BEMNIPORA
86 Hardo Nagisheran Hardo Nagisheran CHECK SIDIQ KHAN
87 Hardo Pandove Hardo Pandove HANDEW
88 Hari Pora Hari Pora sugoo
89 heff heff HEFF
90 hef-kuri hef-kuri SUGAN
91 Hei Pora Bata Gund Hei Pora Bata Gund H P BATAGUND
92 Herman Herman HERMAN
93 Hillow Gund i Murid Hillow Gund i Murid URPARA-B
94 Hind Sita Pora Hind Sita Pora HIND SITAPORA
95 Hir Pora Hir Pora HEERPORA
96 Homehuna Homehuna URPARA-B
97 Hoshang Pora Hoshang Pora URPARA
98 Kachdora Kachdora KACHDOORA-A
99 Kani Gam Kani Gam kanigam
100 Kani Hama Kani Hama CHAKOORA
101 Kani Pora Kani Pora MANLOO-A
102 Kanjiullar Kanjiullar KANJI ULLAR
103 Kanso Kanso losedanew
104 Kapren Kapren KAPRAN
105 Kargam Kargam URPARA-B
106 kashwah kashwah CHITRAGAM-B
107 Katho Hallan Katho Hallan KATHOWHALAN
108 Keegam Keegam KEEGAM
109 Keller Keller KELLER
110 Khaja Pora Khaja Pora REBAN
111 Kharwarah Kharwarah CHOTIGAM
112 Khoram Pora Khoram Pora TENGWANI
113 Kilora Malik Gund Kilora Malik Gund K M GUND
114 Kotah Pora Kotah Pora NADIGAM
115 Krawora Krawora K M GUND
116 Kumdalan Kumdalan CHECK SIDIQ KHAN
117 Kungnoo Kungnoo sugoo
118 Ladi Ladi kanigam
119 Lamdoora Lamdoora NILDOORA
120 Lawahend Lawahend G P ARSH
121 Losedanew Losedanew losedanew
122 M Dunaroo M Dunaroo PAHLIPORA-B
123 Maishwar Maishwar MOOSHWAR
124 Makan i Dnager pora Makan i Dnager pora SHAMSIPORA
125 mala dair mala dair MALDERA
126 Malawarah Malawarah MELHURA
127 Mali Bagh Mali Bagh BASKUCHAN
128 Mandojan Mandojan PUDSOO
129 Mangi Pora Mangi Pora NOWGAM
130 Mani Hal Mani Hal HANDEW
131 Manlo Manlo MANLOO-A
132 Manloo Manloo MANLOO-B
133 Mantri Bugh Mantri Bugh MANTRIBUHG
134 Manzim Pora Manzim Pora NADIGAM
135 marheng marheng SHEIKHPORA
136 Mast Pora Mast Pora MASTPORA
137 Matipora Matipora BATMURAN
138 Mazhama Mazhama TENGWANI
139 Mohan Pora Mohan Pora sugoo
140 Moolu Moolu DANGERPORA
141 Moughal Pora Moughal Pora TENGWANI
142 Mujah Marg Mujah Marg CHEERMARG
143 Murad Pora Murad Pora CHECK CHULLAND
144 Musi Pora Musi Pora NAZNEENPORA
145 Nadi Gam Nadi Gam NADIGAM
146 Naid Gund Naid Gund DOOMPORA
147 Nara Pora Nara Pora NARAPORA
148 Nari Marg Nari Marg CHEERMARG
149 Narwaw Narwaw G P ARSH
150 Nasar Pora Nasar Pora NASERPORA
151 Nazneenpora Nazneenpora NAZNEENPORA
152 nerwani nerwani NARWANI
153 Nildorah Nildorah NILDOORA
154 Now Pora Now Pora BASKUCHAN
155 now pora bala now pora bala CHILDREN
156 now pora(allow pora sheikh pora) now pora(allow pora sheikh pora) CHILDREN
157 Nowgam Nowgam NOWGAM
158 Nully Poshwari Nully Poshwari kanigam
159 Pader pora Pader pora HIND SITAPORA
160 Pahali Pora (Partly) Pahali Pora (Partly) PAHLIPORA-A
161 Pahali Pora (Partly) Pahali Pora (Partly) PAHLIPORA-B
162 Pahanoo Pahanoo PAHNOO
163 Pala Pora Pala Pora G P ARSH
164 Pandoshan Pandoshan PUDSOO
165 Panzer Panzer DAIROO
166 Pargochi Pargochi losedanew
167 Partab Pora Partab Pora PARTABPORA
168 pir pora pir pora SHEIKHPORA
169 Posh Hama Posh Hama PUDSOO
170 Poshpora Poshpora KEEGAM
171 Potar Wal Potar Wal SHIRMAL
172 Pudso Pudso PUDSOO
173 Rai Rai KAPRAN
174 Rakahama Rakahama MANTRIBUHG
175 Rakh i Zainapora Rakh i Zainapora ZAINPORA
176 Rakh Pora Nack Pora Rakh Pora Nack Pora H P BATAGUND
177 Rakhi Nara pora Rakhi Nara pora NARAPORA
178 Ram Nagri (Partly) Ram Nagri (Partly) RAMNAGRI-A
179 Ram Nagri (Partly) Ram Nagri (Partly) RAMNAGRI - B
180 Ranbir Pora Ranbir Pora NARAPORA
181 Ratni Pora Ratni Pora DANGAM
182 Rawal Pora Rawal Pora BEMNIPORA-B
183 Reban Gund Bahram Reban Gund Bahram REBAN
184 Rengwar Rengwar KELLER
185 Reni Pora Khasi Pora Reni Pora Khasi Pora PARTABPORA
186 Reshipora Reshipora RESHIPORA
187 Reshipora Reshipora SIFIPORA
188 Reshnagri Reshnagri RESHNAGRI
189 Safanagri Safanagri SAFNAGRI
190 Said Pora Bala Said Pora Bala SAIDPORA-B
191 Said Pora Payeen Said Pora Payeen SAIDPORA-A
192 Sandho Shermal Sandho Shermal SHIRMAL
193 Sangran Sangran sangran
194 sarab sarab SHEIKHPORA
195 sazan shopian sazan shopian SHEIKHPORA
196 Sedow (Partly) Sedow (Partly) SEDEW-A
197 Sedow (Partly) Sedow (Partly) SEDEW-B
198 Shabirabad Shabirabad KEEGAM
199 Shamshi pora Shamshi pora SHAMSIPORA
200 Sharat Pora Sharat Pora G P ARSH
201 Sherabad Zawora Baderhama Sherabad Zawora Baderhama ZAWOORA-A
202 Shirmal Shirmal SHIRMAL
203 Sofi Pora Sofi Pora SIFIPORA
204 sugan sugan SUGAN
205 Sugoo Hand Hama Sugoo Hand Hama sugoo
206 Tachlo Tachlo NADIGAM
207 Teki Pora Teki Pora PARTABPORA
208 Tengah Pora Tengah Pora MANTRIBUHG
209 Tengwani Tengwani TENGWANI
210 Tharan Kandi Tharan Kandi GATIPORA
211 Thearan Thearan sugoo
212 Trenz Trenz TRENZ
213 Tukroo Tukroo TENGWANI
214 Tulran Tulran sangran
215 Turka Wangam Turka Wangam T WANGAM
216 Ura pora Ura pora URPARA
217 Utar Pora Utar Pora PAHNOO
218 Vehil Chatta Wattan Vehil Chatta Wattan VEHIL
219 Veshro Veshro ZRAKAN
220 Wachi (Partly) Wachi (Partly) WACHI-A
221 Wachi (Partly) Wachi (Partly) WACHI-B
222 Wacho Hallan Wacho Hallan BARBUGH
223 wadi pora wadi pora DACHOO
224 Wangam Sudershan Pora Wangam Sudershan Pora KACHDOORA-B
225 Wangi pora Wangi pora RESHIPORA
226 Wathoo Wathoo WATHOO
227 Wazir Check Wazir Check sangran
228 Woyan Woyan sangran
229 Yedpora Yedpora DOOMPORA
230 Zaina Bato Zaina Bato BASKUCHAN
231 Zainapora Zainapora ZAINPORA
232 Zampathri Zampathri ZAMPATHRI
233 Zawoora Zawoora ZAWOORA-B
234 Zerakan Zerakan ZRAKAN
235 Zipora Dharamarth Zipora Dharamarth PARTABPORA


Shafafiyat is an innitiative by the District Development Department and National Informatics Center of District Shopian for greater transparancy of having a quick overview of the works being taken over within the district and its current progress.


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